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Glam Make-Up

This is probably one of my favorite looks to date! I am such a huge fan of shimmer and glitter!

Guys anyone can rock a look like this, i'm talking girl you 80? you can rock this !!! Its all about confidence and the right colors and placement. I offer my make-up classes for all ages to teach looks just like this!

This look was done with MAC cosmetics pigments, oh my gosh!!!!! If you haven't gotten to play with these pigments you right now, drop everything your doing and pick these up!! so pretty i think my favorite color is ROSE. This is a great color for all skin tones. Just make sure when you're working with pigments you're using something like MAC fix +, spray your brush directly then dip into the pigment, then pat onto the lid using a flat brush like MAC 219 brush. The trick with shimmers like this is to keep them on the lid. Really keep matte colors in that crease.

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