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Flawless Application



What is Airbrush makeup?


 A fine mist of foundation is sprayed with a small air compressor gently covering the skin, to give the appearance of a flawless complexion. This mist covers the skin lightly allowing the skin to breath, looking more natural and not exaggerating your pores. Airbrush makeup will leave your skin feeling light NOT “cakey”.


Refined Pattern 


The spray dot-pattern the airbrush puts down on the skin looks the most flawless on camera than the patterns and trace lines that brushes, fingers and sponges leave behind. However these marks may appear invisible to the naked eye, they can be quite noticeable when your client's face is shown in Hi-Definition, close-up or in a High Resolution Digital Photo with traditional makeup application. Many liquid foundations and powders can make the skin look pale or shiny. Ingredients such as Mica found in mineral makeup will send a reflection to a camera lens thus making it horrible to wear when getting professional photos taken. Most powders contain Talc which will make your face look pale in professional photos. 


How long will Airbrush makeup last?


Airbrush makeup covers and lasts ALL DAY LONG! One application is all it takes to have a beautiful face for your wedding, prom, or any special occasion. Airbrush makeup is water resistant and will not smudge. It can be applied on anyone even men! Its also hypoallergenic & sanitary to use.


Benefits to Airbrush makeup:


Flawless Finish in Person & In Photographs

Natural Looking

Light Weight, Invisible Look with Full Coverage.

Water Resistant (Will NOT Come Off with Hugs, Sweat, Tears or Humidity)

For All Skin Types

Lasts ALL Day Long No Touch Ups Necessary

Never Looks Cakey



Perfect for tattoo cover ups



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